Auric Cocoon (Botanical Enegry Mist)

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Auric Cocoon (Botanical Enegry Mist)


Short Notes:
+ Protection against negative Energies
+ Strengthening of Auric Layers
+ Enhancing Immune Vitality
+ Healing distressed Auric Fields
+ Resistance to Foreign Energies

When you…
… feel vulnerable and unprotected.
… are susceptible to outside influences.
… experience to be tired or worn out.
… have the feeling of being the target of other people’s anger or jealousy.
… are overwhelmed with pressure put on you by other people.


With our bodies being bombarded with so many different energies on a daily basis it is so very important that we do our very best to protect & strengthen our auras. A strong aura is key to ensuring that we are not negatively affected by EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies given off from WiFi, mobile phones, microwaves, and other peoples’ energies & moods, pollution, etc.).

Our aura protection spray contains a blend of specially selected flowers, metals, botanical hydrolate and blessed water. Together these ingredients combine to form a protective seal around your aura, helping to heal any weak points.


Legal note: Vibrational essences are considered food in the sense of Art. 2 of EU act no. 178/2002. They do not have a direct effect on body or psyche that can be proved with today’s scientific methods. All statements made here refer to energetic aspects as such aura, meridians, chakras etc.


Hydrolate: Yarrow

Essences: Aloe Vera | Cedar | Fringed Violet | Lavender Yarrow | Stone Circle | Wintergreen | Gold | Platinum

100% organic. No added water, fragrance or preservatives.

Direction of Use

Direction of Use:
Spray around your body, avoiding direct contact with the face. Use as often as you intuitively feel is necessary.