Spirit Guide (No. 1)

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Spirit Guide (No. 1)



+ Soul Purpose
+ Direction | Path
+ Deeper Meaning to Life
+ Connection to Higher-Self


Spirit Guide is …
+ bringing you to a deeper understanding of your true purpose in life.
+ assisting you to move into the place of your inner wisdom.
+ developing your strength of intuition and inner guidance.
+ stimulating the connection to your highest possible reality.
+ gifting you with new insights and ideas.

When you:
… struggle to find meaning in life.
… sense a lack of direction.
… feel unfulfilled in your career.
… are blocked to express your inner calling.





Active Ingredients: Organic Biodynamic Brandy (20% alc.) | Spring Water | Energy Essences

Essences: Ladies’ Tresses | Paper Birch | Paw Paw | Silver Princess | Wild Oat | Gold | Platinum


Direction of Use

Direction of Use:
4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue.
 [May be taken more frequently as needed.]

Vibrational essences are considered food in the sense of Art. 2 of EU act no. 178/2002. They do not have a direct effect on body or psyche that can be proved with today’s scientific methods. All statements made here refer to energetic aspects as such aura, meridians, chakras etc.